Monday Motivation: Jisshu Sengupta Has A Powerful Message For His Daughter

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December 23, 2019


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Everyone clearly knows how amazing actor Jisshu Sengupta is. The Mahalaya star is well known for his acting chops. The actor, who has now also turned producer, first shot to fame after acting in the hit show, Mahaprabhu. Apart from acting and producing movies, Jisshu is also a loving husband and a doting father. And his latest post on Instagram, where he has a message for daughter Sara, is the Monday motivation all parents need to give their kids.

In this post, he wrote a heartfelt message to his daughter, telling her why it is necessary for her to be happy. He went on to explain a number of things by acquainting her with reality. For instance, among the many things that he mentioned, he told her about how many people might be jealous of her happiness and will try to drag her down.

In his post, he says, “Life teaches us a lot of things. You fall and get back up. It’s true. You do. No matter how hard and difficult it may seem. You should be HAPPY. And for whom? Yourself. Yes being selfless is good. But you should think about your self first. It’s your body. Your mind. In conclusion, be happy 😊” With this line, he reinforces the ‘never give up’ attitude, which the actor practises and would like his daughter to have.

While this message may be written for his daughter, it is not restricted to her and applies to every kid. After all, imparting valuable lessons time and again and motivating kids set the right example. Parents surely would agree with Jisshu’s parenting style!

Watch Jisshu in the superhit movie Mahalaya below.

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