Monday Motivation: It’s Time To Be Stunning Like Rakul And Cross Fit Is The Way To Go

Are you, like most of us, not a fan of the gyms and their pains? Well, good news. Let’s get the week started with Rakul’s way of staying fit.

Sneha Bale

August 19, 2019


3 min


A 26-year-old damsel made her way to the 70mm screen and made sure she won more hearts than tickets at the box office. And that’s Rakul Preet Singh. Known to be delivering almost four ‘hit’ films a year, Rakul indulges in more activities in a day than we do in a week. That’s why we decided to start our week with some #MondayMotivation from her. Her Instagram account is our go-to where she gives us a boost to get up and work out. Because… health is wealth.

Everyone defines staying fit differently. Some starve, some go the wrong way, some prefer hitting the gym, while some might believe in dancing it out. Rakul is a strong believer of a healthy lifestyle and physical activity. She does weight-lifting and aerial yoga. But what caught our attention is her cross-fit style of working out and maintaining a healthy and unquestionably enviable body. Check it out:

Cross-fit is good for anyone and everyone. It involves high-intensity functional movements that focus on improving one’s physical and cardiovascular well-being.

Unlike gymming, cross-fit does not require to be present in the gym every day or everyday alternative day. You can opt for the schedule that fits you and is the best for your well-being.

From core-strength training to speed training, using kettlebells and indulging in bodyweight exercises to gymnastics, cross fit is a mix and match of all things essential to keep your in a good health, and, in turn, a good shape.

Sometimes, cross-fit can be as light routine as a warm-up and as excruciating as an Olympic-standard workout.

Contrary to popular opinion, cross fit is a great way to start for beginners of all ages and all genders. Women are believed to lose about 60-120 calories and men, 110-170 calories, per session.

BRB. Time to get a cross-fit subscription. What about you? Wondering what we’re talking about? Check out Rakul in action, amazingly, in Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee: The Fighter.

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