Monday Motivation: Arpita Chatterjee’s Powerful Affirmation Is Just The Reminder You Need

These three words of the Amar Artanad star are simple, yet so important to remember & believe in to help you love yourself unconditionally everyday.


April 20, 2020


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Arpita Chatterjee, the gorgeous actor who has featured in hit films like Force along with her husband and colleague Prosenjit Chatterjeeand Amar Artanad , is well known in the industry for her talent, grace and beauty. She has recently made a post on her social media page with a powerful message that would serve all of us to imbibe and remember always.

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The flawless actor posted a stunning photo of herself in black and white, along with a simple but highly effective caption. “I am enough 😊

#stayhomestaysafe #quarantinelife #FridayThought #blackandwhite”

It is not uncommon for any individual to sometimes deal with feelings of despair and inadequacy, especially during this time of the Coronavirus scare. The best we can do to is isolate ourselves at home in order to contain the spread of this novel virus. However, this period can be accompanied by negative thoughts and feelings, so it is crucial to make a conscious effort to take care of ourselves and our mental health.

If you ever feel low, just tell yourself these three words– “I am enough.” In fact, starting your day by looking at yourself in the mirror and telling yourself this can go a long way towards helping you boost your self-esteem, maintain a positive outlook and love yourself unconditionally. Self-love is incredibly important even in order to be able to love another individual well, and this thought is key to achieving it. No matter what happens, if you firmly keep believing that you are indeed enough, you will be stronger and much more capable of dealing with anything that comes your way.

What did you think of Arpita Chatterjee’s message? Do you practice this too? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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