Monalisa Bagal From Zala Bobhata Is The Brave Friend We All Need In Life

Sometimes when your crush approaches you for a favour it isn’t easy to say no. But, you can take notes from Monalisa Bagal’s character.

Manjiri Shete

March 24, 2019


2 min


If the school textbooks would divulge details on a crash course to romancing rightly, we wouldn’t have to depend on those Instagram love quotes. I mean, it won’t hurt to take a break from those Trigonometry and Geography chapters occasionally. But, thankfully we have movies like Zala Bobhata on ZEE5 to teach us love lessons.

If you haven’t watched Zala Bobhata, then watch it below on ZEE5

The Marathi movie’s character Priya (Monalisa Bagal) shows us how never to portray you are too available. Even when her crush approaches, she calmly refuses his proposal with her savage attitude. This happens, not just only once but twice when he willing to commit suicide for her answer. She doesn’t take the bait and walks away like a boss babe. Girl, you can’t be pressured into this. You are allowed to take a breather while going at your own pace.

Zala bhobhata featuring Monalisa Bagal and Mayuresh Pem.
Zala bhobhata featuring Monalisa Bagal and Mayuresh Pem.

After seeing her sass, we want to know where can we get a handbook on Priya’s guide to being that kickass?  She is that one savage friend we all have in life. If you don’t have one, drop us your email applications for becoming your next savage BFF! (Just kidding, people!)

On that note, let us know what you think of Monalisa Bagal’s character from the movie?

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