Moms Are The Same Universally, Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 Just Proved It

You, too, might have a typical mom like Gauri’s from the Marathi film. Are you curious? Check here.

Manjiri Shete

August 20, 2019


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After seeing Mukta Barve’s rebellious avatar as Gauri in Mumbai Pune Mumbai, I asked myself, “Who can stop me? I am the director of my life.” As if hearing my thoughts, my mother screamed from the kitchen, “Stop day dreaming. Go and get the groceries right this moment.” Of course, with that my prior opinions were flushed down the toilet.

Watch Mukta Barve’s excellent act in Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2

A common scenario in every desi household unfolds in this fashion (*drum roll*)- Every time you are connecting to your inner wild child, your mother tells you to be naughty after marriage (“because you won’t be their property any longer.”). In Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 on ZEE5, Mukta’s onscreen mother is no different as she asks her to not be over smart. If this wasn’t enough, the mothers will also pester you to learn in-laws’ favourite recipes. Even strong-headed Gauri has to bend to her mother’s wishes!

Mukta Barve and Savita Prabhune in a still from Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2.
Mukta Barve and Savita Prabhune in a still from Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2.

This basically  proves  moms are the same universally.  You can be a boss babe in front of the world, but your mummy is going to see right through you. So, the best thing you can do is double tap all the quotes on Instagram and listen to your Aai when you are at home.

Did you relate to any such instances from the film? Let us know in the comments section below!

In case you missed the previous part, watch Mumbai Pune Mumbai streaming on ZEE5.

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