Missing Phulpakhru? Check Out 7 Best Moments From Manas And Vaidehi’s Love Story

Manjiri Shete

November 3, 2019


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1. Manas and Vaidehi's meeting in college

Back when we were children, it was Disney fairytales which strengthened our belief in love. Now, after growing up, it is Manas and Vaidehi’s romance that renewed our believed relationships and soulmates. In Phulakhru, it was a joyous ride seeing #Mandehi tackle everyday situations in life that we almost forgot that this show is going to end someday. Now, as the show has gone off-air (but always available on ZEE5), we thought of recounting the best moments of the Marathi serial. Have a look!

Between Manas and Vaidehi it wasn’t the typical love at first sight. They, in fact, didn’t even like each other. It was being in the same gang, that slowly made both of them come close and get to know each other personally.

Watch an episode of Phulpakhru below:

2. Manas and Vaidehi's wedding

Seeing Manas and Vaidehi promise to protect each other for life in the sacred marital bond made us realise that soulmates do exist. You don’t have to settle for someone since the person whom you truly deserve is looking for you too.

3. Vaidehi starting her own company

Vaidehi went after her ambitions relentlessly and started her own company. During her journey, she didn’t give up in the face of hurdles. In fact, Vaidehi boldly handled them with her intellect.

4. Mahi's naming ceremony 

Mahi’s naming ceremony took place in the traditional Maharashtrian style. Just like Mahi’s birth, it was one to watch out for. Vaidehi was dressed in a paithani and had worn a nath, while Manas was wearing a typical dhoti and kurta.

5. Atya becoming strong for herself

Atya is living proof that all is not lost when a woman divorces her husband and gets out of toxic marriage. She shows us that we deserve to have a happy ending and live the life we have always dreamed of.

6. Tanya and Sameer's breakup

When Sameer and Tanya broke up, we thought all the love is lost. But, looking back at it now, we have understood that this harsh breakup was required for their personal growth. Especially, Tanya who realised loving yourself first is more important than falling in love with someone else.

7. Supu bringing everyone together

Even though Supu entered the show late, his entry was one required for the story to proceed. He was the glue which made all the pieces of Phulpakhru stick together nicely.

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