Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Why Did Akhilesh Kill Ira In Front Of Mishri?

Ashutosh Oak

July 5, 2019


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The popular show Meri Hanikarak Biwi is offering back-to-back twists and that’s enjoyed by one and all. Recently on the show, the Pandey family fought against terrorists who wanted to kill the minister through Dr. Ira. After that incident, Akhilesh notices a few changes in Ira’s overall behaviour. But he assumes that she might be stressed. On the other hand, a terrorist disguises as a renowned doctor and comes to meet Ira. He gives her a suitcase with explosives and tells her that she has to go to the hospital and do a blast or else he will kill her family.

In case you missed the episode, watch it below:

The next day, Mishri finds the suitcase and gets curious about what is inside. She opens it but gets confused about what is inside. Just then, Ira comes there and scolds Mishri for touching her bag. Akhilesh tells Ira to calm down and asks her why is she being so stressed. She says that she is worried about the award function. Later that day, Akhilesh, along with Mishri and Vansh, make Ira’s favourite food for dinner and make her feel special.

The promo of the upcoming episode has literally shocked us. Take a look below:

Akhilesh is seen pointing his gun towards Ira who is wearing the explosives belt. Mishri comes running and pleads to Akhilesh to not kill her mother. Akhilesh shoots Ira in the head and she falls down from the window. Why would Akhilesh kill his wife who he loves so much? Was killing Ira the only option left to save the family or is it something else?

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