Meethi Eid Film Review: Paridhi Sharma Of Jodha Akbar Dishes A Heartwarming Performance

Aayushi Sharma

June 8, 2019


2 min


Meethi Eid is a new ZEE5 original short film that beautifully captures the essence of Eid festival: love and harmony. It stars Jodha Akbar actress Paridhi Sharma as the mother of a little girl Jyoti. The story revolves around Jyoti and her friend Rahila, who she shares an extremely innocent and sweet friendship with. True friendship is a bond that defies all barriers and Meethi Eid teaches us exactly that!

Rahila and Jyoti come from different strata of societies but love each other immensely. The short movie begins with Rahila being punished by her teacher and sent out of the class for not bringing her textbook. Later, in the recess, Jyoti walks up to an alone Rahila and asks why doesn’t she bring her books every day? A slightly disappointed Rahila answers that the following day will be the last of her punishment since she will get Eidi from her father on the occasion fo Eid and buy books.

A simple conversation between two school-going kids brings out the charm and purity of their relationship. On the way back home, Jyoti’s mother teaches her that helping others proves beneficial for those who need it. Taking this lesson along, Jyoti goes to school the next only to find Rahila without her books again. Her father couldn’t give her Eidi and thus, the little one is left with no study material. Seeing her friend get punished, Jyoti decides to give her book and strikes her name off it.

Meethi Eid is a six-minute-long short film but an emotionally rewarding and uplifting watch that teaches us to spread love and help each other without thinking about profit and loss. Paridhi brings her A-game to the story alongside the cute girls who leave us with food for thought.

Catch Jyoti and Rahila’s touching story in Meethi Eid, now streaming on ZEE5!

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