Meet The Wacky Characters Of ZEE5 Original Series Bhoot Purva

Kenneth Carneiro

May 6, 2019


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Rishab Chadha As Bhoot/Aarav

The ZEE5 Original, ‘Bhoot Purva’ is a comedy drama which involves a middle-class Indian family, a ghost and the God of Death, Yamraj himself. This series is also a romantic comedy where ghost tries to come back to life and fall in love with the girl he liked in college. With such a wide range of characters the world of ‘Bhoot Purva’ is a fun place with a lot madness. Watch the trailer for Bhoot Purva here.

Rishabh Chadha, who also acted in Drishyam, plays the role of a funny ghost in Bhoot Purva. Unlike other ghosts we’ve seen on screen, Aarav the ghost is a young college student and his powers are very limited. He relies a lot on Purva, his friend who is alive. Aarav’s plan is to come back to life somehow and woo Angelina, the girl liked in college when he was alive.

Omkar Kapoor As Purva

This actor from the Pyaar Ka Punchama movies is seen giving a different twist to buddy dramas in Bhoot Purva. Aarav the ghost chooses Purva to carry out his plan. Purva has been accused of robbery in his village. He decides to help Aarav, if he proves to the village that Purva is not a robber. Purva, however, is quickly annoyed by the ghost and his lack of special powers. Instead, he ends up taking care of the ghost.

Zoa Morani As Angelina

After starting out as an Assistant Director, Zoa went on to do a few Bollywood films. She enters the digital space in a leading role with Bhoot Purva. She plays the role of Angelina who disliked Aarav when he was alive. She turns down Purva’s attempts to plant feelings in her mind for Aarav after he is dead.

Baba Sehgal as Yamraj

Baba Sehgal needs no introduction. He brings his wacky personality on Bhoot Purva as a modern day Yamraj. He has attached headphones to his horns and follows all the new internet challenges. Watch out for his selfie-taking, selfie-wearing Yamraj act packed with laughs.

Manu Rishi Chadha as David/Purva’s Father

Manu Rishi is popular for portraying small but iconic characters in cult movies like Tanu Weds Manu Returns and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. In Bhoot Purva he plays the role of David, who’s real name is Ramdas. He is constantly angry at Purva and insults him at every chance he gets. Only his wife Reena can calm him anger.

Watch these wacky characters come to life in Bhoot Purva, releasing on ZEE5 on 7th May.

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