Meet The 3 Supporting Characters Who Play A Pivotal Role In The Zee Kannada Serial Kamali


January 9, 2020

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Kamali, starring Amulya Gowda, is a story about a girl hailing from a small town who aspires to become a kabaddi player. How she faces many hurdles in order to achieve her dreams forms the crux of the plot. There are 3 main characters in the story who play a significant role not only in Kamali’s life, but also in taking the story forward. Let’s  take a look at them. 

Kamali’s mother: She is a humble, caring single parent to Kamali who wants her daughter to pursue her dreams and lead a better life. However, her past where she had an affair with the dean of her child’s school acts as a major deterrent. As an audience, one can find themselves in a fix between empathising for her and hating her. She initially prevents Kamali from pursuing a sport, which she says is for boys and asks her to focus on her studies. Eventually, she realises that Kamali is extraordinary in the game and encourages her to chase her goals. She serves as a friend and confidante to the protagonist.

Kamali's mother worries about her
Kamali’s mother worries about her

Anika: Anika, played by Rachna Smith, is the antagonist in Kamali. She started out her career by playing the female lead in the Telugu romantic film Idhem Dheyym, and followed it up with the Kannada drama Mombathi. Having played the heroine in both these releases, Rachna is now seen in a negative role in Kamali. Not only has she aced this role but has also become a memorable character who lends a lot of excitement into the story due to her devious strategies to harm the protagonist. But despite her best efforts, she fails miserably each time. Anika is a jealous, insecure person who feels threatened by Kamali at every juncture. She is frustrated with her as the latter is not only a better kabaddi player but is also the love interest of Rishi, whom Anika is crazy about. Rachna portrays the role with utmost conviction. In fact, her onscreen character is so bad that it’s good and you can’t stop hating her!

Anika plots against Kamali
Anika plots against Kamali

Rishi: Niranjan Manoranjan plays the character of Rishi in Kamali. For someone who had no intentions of getting into the acting field, Rishi plays an intense but charismatic character. Rishi’s charm and sensitive nature sets an ideal standard of the kind of partner one needs in their life. He is encouraging and constantly motivates her to pursue the game with all her might. As the story proceeds, the two develop an attraction towards each other with him serving as a pillar of strength to Kamali.

Rishi and Kamali have a moment (1)
Rishi and Kamali have a moment

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