Yaare Nee Mohini: Meet Sushama Shekhar’s Siberian Husky Furball ‘Rocky’

Parinika Uchil

September 10, 2019

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Sushama Shekhar, who is known for her famous role of Belli in the hit show Yaare Nee Mohini on Zee Kannada, is your typical girl-next-door. For this modern age, she has both a modern heart and a set of traditional values. While her onscreen and off-screen personalities may differ, she strikes the perfect balance between both her worlds. If you are a fan of this gorgeous young lady, then you will know that she is crazy for fashion accessories like nose pins or flowers for the hair and even likes to sport different types of earrings. 

On the show, she plays the role of a shy and timid girl Belli, who when need be won’t hesitate to take Goddess Kali’s form and bring wrath upon miscreants. In reality, namma Sushma Shekhar is a nature-freak and just loves animals. At the end of last year sadly, her Rottweiler, Rambo, passed away and the actress posted this heartfelt post to share her feelings with her fans.

However, her sadness was short-lived as a few months later, i.e, in early 2019, this little guy came her way and mind you, he was just 31-days-old.

Sushma shared more pictures of him growing up but still didn’t have a name for him for a few weeks.

By the time this little guy was 60-days-old, he had a name; Rocky!

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Maayyy ROCKY baby❤️?turns 60 days❤️?

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Her happiness stayed intact with her Rocky baby by her side, and we saw the little canine when he was 100-days-old

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My #cuppycake turns 100 days old ❤️? ROCKY?

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A little more time passed and Belli was now confident that the little Siberian Husky is ready for his onscreen video debut.

At four months of age, Rocky learned to pose for a solo-click (maybe his mommy was confident that he could)!

This picture is just to show to you the bond between a doggo and his hooman! It is literally unbreakable!

At 5 months, Rocky grew considerably than his pupper size. The cuddles never stopped though!

Another candid picture of Rocky boi and his mommy dearest! (Who could spot the smile?)

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Nammane muddu mari??❤️???

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The most awaited post of this lot is this extremely adorable, 100% ‘aww-worthy’ comparison picture of when Rocky came into Belli’s life and how cute he looks at 6 months of age.

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My boy turning 6 months?❤️??

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Give a shout out to the star of Belli’s life, Rocky, in the comment’s space given below.

Keep your senses at high alert because while watching Mummy: Save Me on ZEE5, you will need courage more than anything.

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