Meet Bunty, Babli And Mubarak From The Upcoming And TV Show Naye Shaadi Ke Siyape

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July 15, 2019


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Indian weddings are beautiful and along with happiness, each one is full of drama, emotions, fun and not to forget the most important part, siyape. To avoid such conflicts and chaos, people prefer having wedding planners who take care of all the arrangements on their behalf and make sure everything runs smooth. But what if the wedding planner themselves are messed up? It is said that two negatives make a positive but this theory surely does not apply in this case.

Watch the episode of the show below:

The weekend show that made us laugh over the weekends is back with a new twist. Shaadi Ke Siyape is back with a new title Naye Shaadi Ke Siyape. Being the official website of And TV, we would like to invite you to experience this light-hearted comedy show from 20th July at 8.00 pm every Saturday-Sunday.

Just like the previous season, the concept of this show too will revolve around Indian weddings. But this time there won’t be any supernatural powers like our dearest aliens but rather it will be the trio of three normal humans who get the wedding done by hook or by crook. Hearing this, you would really like to meet these characters, don’t you? Then without much ado, let’s meet the characters of the show:

Mubarak Khan

Shahbaz Khan
Source: ZEE5

Once upon a time, Khan was the famous wedding planner in Delhi. But now he is in his mid-forties and roams with his old wagon taking small orders and enjoying his life. Though he looks tough from outside, he has a dry sense of humour which sometimes includes sarcastic one-liners. The character has gone through tough situations in life but never stopped fighting for what is right. The veteran actor Shahbaaz Khan who plays the role is popularly known for his negative roles. While speaking to a news website he said how he is excited to step into a new genre and experiment with his role in a light-hearted comedy.

Bunty aka Sarang

Vipul Roy
Source: ZEE5

Bunty is a street smart guy who knows how to get the work done. He loves music, dancing and acing the fashion game which sometimes ends being over the top. He is a great liar and can make his way out through any given situation with his manipulative skills. Vipul Roy, who plays this role, has already worked in comedy shows and has a knack of it.

Babli aka Ishani

Neha Bagga
Source: ZEE5

If there is Bunty then there has to be Babli. She is a middle-class girl with a motor mouth and a big heart. She is the one who is enthusiastic about marriages, their zest, colour, forever fun and frolic. These characteristics of her may sound a little childish but in reality, she has a lot of patience and when someone does wrong, she gets really pissed. In short, she is flamboyant, extrovert, practical, compassionate and has tasteful aesthetics. Neha Bagga who plays this character is a popular name in the TV industry for her cute and beautiful looks.

In addition to this trio, there is one more surprise for you all that you never expected. In Mubarak’s intro, we told you about his van but we forgot to tell you that it’s not an ordinary van.


Source: ZEE5

Meet Shehnai, the colourful van with lively eyes as its headlights look pretty and can be identified from miles away. This van has been Mubarak’s companion from a very long time. But here is a secret that nobody told you. This van can not only talk but its also going to host the show and tells us what is going to happen in the next episodes as well.

The show will start on 20th July at 8 pm every Saturday-Sunday. Do not forget to watch it only on AndTV and anytime on ZEE5.

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