Meenakshi 16 May 2019 Preview: Roshini Peeps Into Kartik And Meenakshi’s Bedroom At Night

Sneha Bale

May 16, 2019


3 min

Each time Yamini’s character Meenakshi, in the Telugu TV show Meenakshi , starts believing that happiness has arrived at her doorstep, her world begins to crumble. After losing her eye sight and falling prey to people’s endless comments, Kartik had brought a ray of hope with the promise to marry her. But his lover Roshini, now married to Meenakshi’s elder brother Kasi, wants him to exploit the poor Meenakshi in all ways possible and then elope with her. Take a look at what she does this time:

In the preview video, we see that Roshini opens the window of Meenakshi’s bedroom and peeps into their room at night when Kartik and his newly-wedded wife are all on their own. For those who had missed out, Kartik may have entered Meenakshi’s life as the escape plan for Roshini. But after his wedding, he revealed that his true plans have always been to take down Roshini’s father and the family. All along, it’s not Meenakshi but Roshini, who has been his target.

Moments before their first night together as a married couple, Kartik had disappeared without informing anyone. He had returned later with a saree in his hand and apologised for going away without informing. He had explained that the saree had been blessed by his mother and this step was important to him before starting a new life. Meenakshi obviously felt overwhelmed and accepted his apology. Roshini, on the other hand, was furious to see them so much in love. She believes that Kartik is pretending to be sweet and considerate. But somewhere, she questions his intentions.

Meenakshi with Kartik
Meenakshi with Kartik in a scene from Meenakshi (Source: ZEE5)

Later in the middle of the night, we see Kartik and Roshini meeting in the verandah and discussing their plan. Kartik assured Roshini that he is following the plan and will soon close Meenakshi’s chapter. What Roshini does not know is that it is actually her chapter that Kartik is looking forward to close.  Roshini tries hard to ruin things for the couple. But she hasn’t succeeded. To know what happens next, watch this space.

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