Mazhya Navryahi Bayko 9 December 2019 Preview: Gurunath Slaps Shanaya; Radhika Warns Her

Shanaya will be seen going through hell in the upcoming episode. Check out all the details inside!

Rukmini Chopra

December 7, 2019


2 min


In the recent episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, we saw Radhika telling her employees that she has ended her partnership with Shanaya. She says that her next move would be to rope in Rajwade and Mahadik as business partners. Shanaya learns about the termination of the partnership and decides that she and Gurunath will have a word with Rajwade about the same. They visit the latter in his office but are kicked out, as Rajwade says that he no longer is interested to do business with them. Later, Radhika decides that before striking a deal with Rajwade and Mahadik, she would warn them, not to betray and her company again.

Watch the latest episode from the show here.

In the upcoming episode, we will see Mahadik visiting Gurunath and Shanaya, with some documents. He will say that they from Rajwade’s side and he needs their signatures. When Shanaya will ask Mahadik about the nature of the documents, he will reveal it’s for the purpose of ending the business deal between Gurunath- Shanaya and Rajwade. Later, Shanaya will visit Radhika as she will learn that the latter is trying to rope in Rajwade in her business. She will ask Radhika to stop playing games and tarnishing her reputation. Radhika will give it back to her and say that she had it coming for conspiring with Urmila Mhatre and trapping her in a false case. Shanaya is left red-faced.

She will return her home and remove her anger on Gurunath. She will accuse him of siding with Radhika and having a soft corner for her. Gurunath will lose his cool and slap Shanaya. What will happen next? Stay tuned to find out! Catch all the episodes of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, streaming for free on ZEE5 now. 

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