Mazhya Navryachi Bayko: Here’s Why We Think That Gurunath’s Truth Will Soon Be Exposed

With Shanaya and Radhika joining forces, we can that Gurunath’s end is near. Here’s why we think that we will see his downfall soon.

Kedar Koli

July 14, 2020


4 min


The entry of Maya in Mazhya Navryachi Bayko seemed to add to the complications in Radhika’s life who’s already disturbed by Gurunath’s wrongdoings. Since the time Maya made her way into SB Group of Companies jointly owned by Radhika’s husband Saumitra and her father-in-law Mr Banhatti, Gurunath was on cloud nine. The latter realised that he could manipulate Maya and ask her to take control of Radhika’s position in the company. Maya was driven by her ambitions and became part of his plan but failed to realise that he’s just using her as a pawn. Gurunath strategically placed her as a shield before Saumitra, leaving Maya’s cordial relations with him in shambles.

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Gurunath took advantage of Maya’s friendship with Saumitra and clicked intimate pictures of the two to blackmail Radhika. He even asked her to make Radhika resign from the CEO’s post so that Maya could take charge. Radhika sensed that this was all a part of Gurunath’s larger plan and treaded cautiously. Amidst this chaos, Gurunath underestimated Shanaya who had grown increasingly suspicious of the former’s closeness with Maya. Shanaya somehow found out that Gurunath has been enchanted by Maya and decided to leave him for good. Radhika convinced her to join her team and as a result, Shanaya chose to side with her to bring down Gurunath. The duo is now planning to get Maya to join forces with them so that they can together make Gurunath repent. The latter is unaware of these proceedings but it doesn’t matter now because the truth is going to be out soon.

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Gurunath has always meant to trouble Radhika after their failed marriage. He was further jealous of seeing Radhika climbing the ladder of success and decided to seek revenge on her. He made several attempts to sabotage her reputation but to no avail. Radhika was a step ahead in the game and looks like the odds are in her favour yet again. Her arch-rival Shanaya has paired up with Radhika and the two are discussing plans to take Gurunath down. Their next move involves making Maya realise Gurunath’s evil side. If this ploy turns out successful, Gurunath’s end is surely near.

A still from Mazhya Navryachi Bayko
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Since Maya is also seen having second thoughts about her relationship with Gurunath, she might actually consider becoming a part of Radhika and Shanaya’s team. These two ladies have been former partners of Gurunath and know him inside and out. They can help expose Gurunath’s truth before Maya and we expect that to happen in the upcoming episodes. Let’s hope that Radhika, Shanaya, and Maya’s sufferings end soon and Gurunath is taught a lesson that he’ll remember forever.

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