Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 30 December 2019 Written Update: Why Is Atharva Sad?

Ashutosh Oak

December 30, 2019


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In the recent episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, Aai-Baba, Nana-Nani, and Mr-Mrs Mahajani get emotional when Radhika makes way t to leave with Saumitra. After reaching home, Saumitra asks Jenny and Shreyas, to arrange for Radhika’s Griha Pravesh. Before she steps into the house, Jenny insists on the newly married couple, to take Ukhane. Later, Saumitra’s mother gives the keys of the locker to Radhika and tells her that she will have to take care of Saumitra and the family. 

Watch the latest episode below:

In tonight’s episode, Saumitra is seen playing with Atharva inside their house. He tells the latter that they have another house in the US, and promises to take him there soon. The kid then asks Saumitra if they can take Aai – Baba along with them, as he’s missing them a lot. The latter calls Baba and gives the phone to Atharva. Aai and Baba get emotional while talking to the little boy. Later, Saumitra invites them for the Satyanarayan Pooja at their place. 

On the other hand, Shanaya questions Gurunath about his whereabouts, but the latter tells her not to irritate him, as he’s already disturbed. Hearing this, she gets angry and locks herself inside the bedroom. Mrs. Sabnis warns Gurunath not to cross his limit, or else Shanaya will also think of getting married to someone else, just like Radhika. 

Later at night, Radhika asks Saumitra about why he ordered food from the restaurant, as she was planning to cook something. The latter says that since all of them are tired after the wedding, he thought that ordering food would be convenient for everyone. Radhika asks Saumitra’s father what he likes to have so that she can learn the required recipes. Seeing that the latter is not responding, Radhika feels bad. Just then, Saumitra intervenes saying that his father prefers not to talk while having food.

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