Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 29 September 2020 Written Update: Gurunath And Maya Blackmail Radhika

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Kedar Koli

September 28, 2020


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In the next episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, we will see Maya (Ruchira Jadhav) and Gurunath (Abhijeet Khandkekar) meeting Gurunath’s mother after their recent humiliation. Maya begins deliberately addressing Gurunath’s mother as Aai. Maya says that she will continue calling her so even if Gurunath’s mother doesn’t accept her as a daughter-in-law. Meanwhile, Saumitra (Adwait Dadarkar) is planning his next move to save the company with Radhika (Anita Date). The latter asks Saumitra to inform Mr Banhatti before going ahead with his plan. To this, Saumitra replies that Mr Banhatti won’t allow him to do anything after everything that happened the other day.

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Later, Gurunath’s mother calls Radhika to tell her that Gurunath and Maya are indeed in love. She further tells her that Gurunath and Maya are planning to get married to each other, much to Radhika’s horror. Elsewhere, Maya and Gurunath are rejoicing their victory over Saumitra and Radhika. Maya reveals how Mr Banhatti has gone against Saumitra and isn’t ready to accept him back until Saumitra proves himself. However, Maya is still not satisfied and wants to unleash her fury to destroy Saumitra completely.

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Meanwhile, Shanaya (Rasika Sunil) visits Radhika at her home and asks her why she didn’t tell her about Gurunath’s plan. Radhika says that she had no idea about it. Shanaya tells her that they shouldn’t worry about Gurunath now and should instead look to make amends with Mr Banhatti. Just then, Gurunath and Maya enter Radhika’s house. They blackmail Radhika by asking her to merge her company with the SB Group of Companies. Gurunath threatens her by saying that he will make Saumitra’s photos viral on social media if Radhika doesn’t fulfil his demands. Will Radhika be forced to carry on with the merger?

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