Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 14 January 2020 Preview: Radhika – Saumitra To Cancel Their Picnic?

Rukmini Chopra

January 13, 2020


2 min

In today’s episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, Saumitra and Radhika are going for an ice cream date. He tries to stop her from having ice cream, citing that she gets cold easily. But she tells him that he has always looked out for her and once in a while, he must do things that he loves, as well.  Radhika also tries to calm down Saumitra’s father, who is angry, because the two canceled their European honeymoon. In order to cheer him up, she prepares his favourite breakfast dish and succeeds in making him eat it.

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The entire family, including Mahajani Kaka, resume their plans of going for a picnic, as Mahajani Kaka’s health has now improved, and it would do him good, to get some fresh air. On the other hand,  Mrs. Sabnis and Shanaya cross all their limits and ask Gurunath for a large sum of Rs. 5 lakh. Gurunath tries to emotionally blackmail his parents and asks them for the property in Nagpur, which is in his name.

In the next episode, it will be revealed that Gurunath’s parents succumb to his blackmail and hand him the property papers. The family drama unfolds further as his mother cries and asks his father to hand over whatever their son asks for, so that they can cut ties with him. Radhika and Saumitra are invited for the picnic and they are seen discussing whether they should go or not, as there’s a chance that Saumitra’s father might get offended. 

Will they opt out or will they go along with the plan, to keep the other family members happy? Stay tuned to find out! 

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