Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 12 September 2020 Written Update: Anand And Jenny Plan To Improve Radhika’s Tarnished Image

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Kedar Koli

September 11, 2020


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A shift of power has happened in Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, making the show all the more enjoyable to watch. For the unintiated, Radhika (Anita Date) has been taken down from the post of CEO and Maya (Ruchira Jadhav) has been appointed in her place. On the other hand, Gurunath (Abhijeet Khandkekar) has been promoted to become the senior manager of the company. Once Gurunath came on board, he picked Shreyas as the new manager, flipping things upside down for Radhika. She wonders what forced Shreyas into joining the company. Meanwhile, Gurunath and Mrs Sabnis are still suspicious that Shanaya (Rasika Sunil) might be meeting Radhika (Anita Date). When they confront her, Shanaya dismisses their allegations straightaway.

Watch the spoiler of the next episode here.

In the next episode, we will see Gurunath looking pleased with himself as he has finally managed to reach the position he always wanted to. He now plans to merge Radhika Masale into SB Group Of Companies and bring Radhika and Saumitra on their knees as soon as possible. Elsewhere, Radhika, Anand, and Jenny reach their office and are surprised to see it decorated. It is later revealed that some farmers have come to Radhika Masale to honour Radhika for the commendable job she’s doing.

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After a while, Anand and Jenny decide to help Radhika improve her tarnished image. They decide to call the media to cover the noble cause without letting Radhika know. Panvalkar, who’s unaware that Shreyas has joined hands with Gurunath, asks them to call Shreyas and seek his help. Anand and Jenny both try to avoid the topic, leaving Panvalkar confused. He decides to call Shreyas himself. What will happen next?

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