Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 11 January 2020 Written Update: Saumitra Upsets His Father

Manjiri Shete

January 11, 2020


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In the recent episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, Shanaya and Mrs Sabnis are talking to Mr. Mehta. Shanaya tells Mr. Mehta about her mother’s expensive lifestyle and he agrees to all the terms and conditions laid by them. Then, he goes to the other room, while keeping Shanaya and her mother waiting. Mrs. Sabnis is reluctant to get married to this man, but Shanaya says that she has to sacrifice for the money which they are getting in return. Mrs. Sabnis tries to convince Shanaya to get married to him instead. During this time, Mr. Mehta comes back with the money and shows it to Mrs. Sabnis, who gets excited. He says he will only give them the amount, if she signs on the legal marriage documents. Mrs. Sabnis remains hesitant and asks for some time.

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Saumitra and his father get into an argument as the the latter expresses his disappoint, with his son cancelling their European honeymoon. Saumitra explains to his father, that Radhika would be mentally invested in Mahajani Kaka’s health, so she wouldn’t enjoy the trip. On the other hand, the doctor gives positive feedback to Mahajani Kaka and discharges him. Radhika assures him that she will take care of his diet and Mahajani Kaka praises her. Then, Radhika and Saumitra talk over the phone about cancelling their honeymoon plans. She feels happy to see Saumitra making a compromise, for her. She appreciates him for his behaviour.

On the other hand, Gurunath continues trying to land a job at Saumitra’s father’s firm. However, when he reaches the office, Saumitra’s father isn’t there.

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