Mazhya Navryachi Bayko 10 February 2020 Written Update: Gurunath Tempts Shanaya With Money

Neel Raju Nalawade

February 10, 2020


3 min

In tonight’s episode of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko, we see that Shanaya reaches home to receive her gift hampers, not knowing that she was pranked by Kedya, so that he could get her out of the restaurant. That way, Gurunath, and Maya could spend time together, alone. While the two are talking, Gurunath proposes his new plan to increase the sales revenue of the company. Maya is not pleased with the same, but eventually, falls for Gurunath’s sugar-coated words. Maya hands him some money as an allowance for his expenses. 

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When Saumitra’s parents come to know about the meeting and how he defined the true meaning of a parent, they are very proud of him. Saumitra says that all the credit goes to them, as it was because of their upbringing, that he was able to do all this. Meanwhile, when Gurunath meets Kedya, he tells him that he has to prove his worth to Mr. Banhatti. However, Kedya raises concern saying that it is not possible for him to grow big when Shanaya is with him, to pull him back. Gurunath tells Kedya that he will provide Shanaya some money for shopping and distract her so that she won’t create a problem.

Radhika plans to celebrate Atharva’s birthday at Gulmohar society. Saumitra wants to take Atharva out before the birthday party, but Radhika denies it. Saumitra tells Atharva that the next day, he will pretend to fall ill to avoid going to work, and they will go out as planned. The next morning, they manage to convince Radhika to go out and have fun with them.

Gurunath reaches home and within seconds, starts getting questioned by Shanaya about everything that he has been doing the entire day. He tries to make her understand that he was busy in some work but fails to convince her. She continuously interrogates him about his weird behavior. When Gurunath realises that Shanaya isn’t ready to listen to him, he gives her the allowance money to distract her and tells her that she can shop with it.

Will Shanaya find out about Gurunath and Maya’s friendship? Find out on Mazhya Navryachi Bayko. For more entertainment, watch popular Marathi serials and latest movies streaming on ZEE5.

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