Maza Hoshil Na: Is Mrs Birajdar Right In Stopping Sai From Choosing Aditya’s Love?

Ankita Tiwari

July 21, 2020


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Zee Marathi’s romantic saga Maza Hoshil Na is getting meatier day by day! The drama started with Sai (Gautami Deshpande) and Aditya’s (Virajas Kulkarni) cute nok-jhok. They quarrelled over everything but soon signed a peace treaty and became friends. Then, Sai decided to play the cupid for her friend Naina and Aditya but she failed. Poor Sai was unaware that she herself was slowly falling in love with Aditya! Aditya and Sai have recently spent some very romantic moments together under the moonlit, starry skies. But as much as we are rooting for our favourite couple, the problems in their romance have begun. Sai’s mother, Mrs Birajdar, is against her daughter choosing true love. She wants her daughter to settle comfortably with monetary assets and a massive financial backup.

Watch the episode in which Mrs Birajdar shared her own love story!

Mrs Birajdar shared the story of her friend getting duped by her lover with Sai. When she talked to her daughter in the latest episode, she accepted that story was her own. She told Sai that just like her, she was in love too. She was so deeply in love that she had become blind and forgotten everything. She waited for the boy whom she loved, but he never came. Mrs Birajdar then moved on with her life and married the person her parents wanted her to marry. Mrs Birajdar’s disbelief in true love stems from her own bad experience.

Maza Hoshil Na
Source: ZEE

Furthermore, she married Sai’s father. He is financially secure but has never showered Mrs Birajdar with tenderness, care, or love. This is why Sai’s mother feels that love is a myth.

Maza Hoshil Na
Source: ZEE

But it need not be the same in Sai’s case. Aditya’s fondness for Sai and his emotional bonding with his uncles are proof that he is a person who would never betray someone he loves. He is also a hardworking person and would not let Sai starve. Instead, he has the ability to fulfil all her desires. Will Mrs Birajdar put aside her inhibitions to get to know the real Aditya? Or will she always see him as another version of her ex? Only time will tell! Meanwhile, stay tuned to know if Sai listens to her mother or her heart!

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