Maza Hoshil Na: Find Out What’s Happening In Sai and Aditya’s Life During The Lockdown

Kedar Koli

April 9, 2020


4 min

Maza Hoshil Na is a romantic comedy-drama revolving around the love life of Sai and Aditya, two people from different financial backgrounds. Their personalities are poles apart but that doesn’t stop them from falling in love with each other. However, Sai’s best friend Naina is like a third-wheel in their relationship. During the track of the recent episode, we saw how Sai and Aditya are on a dinner date accompanied by Naina. The latter expresses her feelings for Aditya who’s left perplexed. Later, Aditya lays down a condition to meet Naina only if Sai tags along. She agrees hesitatingly and wishes him luck for his first day at work. As Aditya rushes to his workplace, he’s surprised to find Sai waiting for him.

Watch the latest episode of the show here.

Currently, the shooting of the show has been halted given the lockdown amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But makers of the show recently surprised the fans by posting a webisode on Instagram and giving us a sneak peek on what happens in Sai, Aditya, and Naina’s life during the lockdown. The video takes off from where it all ended. We see how Naina has gotten tired of sitting at her house and tries to sneak out of her house. She realises that she’s making a mistake and comes inside in a hurry. Naina then connects on a video call with Sai and asks her to get ready so that they can venture out of the house. Sai disregards this idea and asks her to stay safe inside. Naina confesses that she wants to meet Aditya. Sai suggests that they take Aditya on the video call. Check it out here.

Naina is delighted to see Aditya who agrees to do help her with the notes. Later, Naina loses her connection and is no longer on the call. Aditya and Sai then have a conversation about their life during the lockdown. Aditya reveals how he was all excited about his new job but is forced to stay at home. On the other hand, Sai says that she has to deal with her father everyday. Aditya jokingly tells her to make coffee just like the other day when he had given her the detailed recipe over text messages. Sai says that she did what Aditya asked her to but the coffee didn’t boil. Aditya realises that Sai forgot to turn on the gas and share a friendly banter over the same. Sai then reveals that she’s going to try Dalgona coffee for her father. Aditya wishes her luck and hangs up the call.

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