Maza Hoshil Na 27 March 2020 Written Update: Why Is Aditya Asked To Leave From Office?

Ankita Tiwari

March 27, 2020


3 min

In today’s episode of the show Maza Hoshil Na, we see how Sai wakes up Naina and asks her to go and meet Aditya at Aditya’s Industries office. Naina asks her why it is important to do so and Sai tells her that she should surprise him as this would make his worries go away. Sai tells her that this would make him happy and that they would both feel good after seeing each other. Naina asks Sai to accompany her and recalling Aditya’s condition, Sai agrees to come.

Meanwhile, Aditya’s Dada mama gifts him an expensive pen. Bandhu mama tells Aditya that Dada mama always wanted the pen and could never afford to buy it for himself. Aditya asks him why he bought such an expensive gift and also adds that no one uses a pen much these days. Dada mama tells him that Aditya should use it t0 sign documents, letterheads, and cheques. Bhai mama advises Aditya that he should not let anyone use him as he is innocent. Pintya mama offers to drop Aditya at Aditya Industries. Dada mama also advises Aditya to remember his roots and not forget where he belongs.

Later, Aditya and Sai meet and he tells her that he is happy to see her. Sai tells him that she decided to surprise him and wish him luck for his first day. On the other hand, Naina arrives with a bouquet, a teddy bear and a lot of balloons. She wishes Aditya as the duo looks at her in astonishment. Later, Naina hugs Sai and calls her an angel for getting her and Aditya together. Meanwhile, the latter is asked to go away by the watchman as he has balloons, a teddy-bear and flowers in his hands. Aditya is in a dilemma as to what he should do with the gifts.

What do you think will happen next? Stay tuned to find out!

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