5 Haunted Properties Like Ratris Khel Chale 2’s Naiks’ House That You Should Know About

Ankita Tiwari

April 15, 2020


4 min

Zee Marathi’s horror thriller, set in Maharashtra’s Sawantwadi, sure gives us goosebumps. The strange events and the paranormal occurrences in the serial, keep viewers engaged as well as entertained. In the recent episodes, we saw Anna Naik and Shevanta’s affair blooming, despite the couple knowing that the consequences of the same, would be grave. The serial primarily revolves around the Naik family’s past and the occurrences that led to their house becoming haunted.

If you love spooky stories, here are tales from haunted houses across India, that will interest you!

1. Charleville Mansion in Shimla: The house has a long history of paranormal activitiesh. Supposedly haunted by a poltergeist, the residents nearby still claim that they hear wails, coming from within the house! It was built during the British era, and was occupied by a British viceroy in the year 1913. He decided to put a stop to the strange occurrences and locked the room, where the incidents took place.


2. F2 building at Valmiki Nagar in Chennai: The building is close to the Chennai airport. This place has been supposedly haunted for the longest time. The reported incidents include sightings of a white shadow, a woman walking around the premises and, strange men forming a line on the road, asking the passersby to stop. But the main story is that the owner’s daughter committed suicide in this house and she has haunted it ever since. The friendly ghost asks the guests to stay at the house and offers hospitality. Okay, then!

3. Aashirwad on Carter Road in Mumbai: The house which was previously owned by veteran actor Rajesh Khanna, is believed to be haunted by an old couple. The house is often referred to as ‘Bhoot Bangla’. The house has been partially demolished but the ruins can still be spotted.

4. Kundanbagh witches’ lair in Hyderabad: The witches lair in Hyderabad is the most haunted house in the neighborhood. Apparently, a thief broke in and found dead bodies of a mother and her two daughters inside the house. The reports claimed the deaths to be three months old but the neighbors claimed otherwise, and said they had spotted the family, the previous evening. How creepy is that!

5. House no. 13 at GK-II in Delhi: The house does not have a proper structure but comprises ruins. The house was previously owned by an elderly couple who was murdered on the premises. Popular belief is that they have refused to leave the house and their wails and cries for help can still be heard.

What do you think about these spine-chilling stories? Comment below!

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