Mastana Mahi Series Review: A Riveting Love Story Highlighting Socio-Political Issues

Adal Soomro’s life takes a turn when he marries Suhaai when he actually loves Aaleen. Relive ‘Zindagi Ke Sunehre Pal Ek Baar Fir’ only on ZEE5.

Jessica David

May 2, 2020


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A new romantic-drama series has released on ZEE5 to brighten your #SummerOfEmotions. No less than a rollercoaster ride, Mastana Mahi will take you on the journey of a boy Adal Soomro, essayed by Fahad Mustafa, who is challenged by love, politics, society and the people in his life. The series has been deemed as “An entertaining drama” by India Forums and received well by the audience. Churning out some intense emotions and keeping you hooked to the screen, the series deals with complex friendship, love-triangle, age-gap marriage, political trauma, family loss and so on. Gritty as it sounds, read more for a complete review of the 16-episode series.

Watch the exciting and curious trailer here:

Taking up the challenging character of Adal Soomro, actor Fahad Mustafa’s efforts to do justice to it is pleasantly evident. He is a young photographer and a politician’s son. Directed by Roomi Insha, the drama starts off when Adal meets Aaleen, portrayed by Mehreen Raheel. She is with her elderly boyfriend, Mike (Imran Peerzada), who Adal mistakes for her father. Aaleen and Adal’s encounter is fresh and has underlying humour which sets the ball rolling for the audience to unfold the unanticipated course of events in the future.

Despite the unusual relationship scenario of Aaleen-Mike, or so it seems to her parents, the chemistry between Adal and Aaleen starts right off the bat. The exchange of dialogues between the two makes it believable that Fahad and Mehreen share camaraderie as co-stars off-screen as well. Adal and Aaleen’s friendship develops and they find themselves in a place where they are more than friends but not a couple in love. Adal takes a week-long trip to explore and photograph his homeland when it is revealed that he comes from a political lineage.

He is expected to take over his father’s position by delivering a speech. His words translate the conviction and passion that he carries within himself. The hopes for a new beginning with his father come crashing down when there’s gun-firing at the rally and all the men in Adal’s family, except him, lose their lives. He is shattered to the core and the switch in his demeanour, from a happy-go-lucky photographer to a grief-stricken son, and politician, is emoted seamlessly by the actor. The internal silence in the scene where he comes back home hits hard.

A flashback scene from Mastana Mahi
Adal and Aaleen in a flashback scene from Mastana Mahi

Aaleen comes back into his life when they meet in Europe. She is now broken and hurt from her divorce. Their friendship is rekindled and grows into much more as they learn about and relate to each other’s sorrows. They convince the audience of the fact that there is a sense of comfort in pain. Adal becomes Aaleen’s biggest supporter, and they accept as well as help each other. Just when you start rooting for them as a couple, news shocks Adal as well as you. Taking over his father’s position also includes marrying a 10-year-old child bride named Suhaai.

Addressing the age-old malpractice of child marriage in India, the series walks the tight rope of portraying it as a prevalent issue rather than encouraging it through the story. Adal juggles between Aaleen and Suhaai, and his inner-turmoil with his obligations are written and presented well by writer Sameera Fazal. The scene wherein Adal sleeps in Aaleen’s bed after her rukhsati (bride’s farewell) is extremely powerful and speaks volumes. Overall, it will leave you with empathy for people who go through a lot in their lives.

To find out the climax of Adal’s choices, watch all the episodes of Mastana Mahi, streaming now on ZEE5.

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