Manmohini 4 February 2020 Preview: Ananya Threatens Shiv That She Will Hurt Herself Again

In the next episode, Shiv shouts at Ananya for risking her life for him. But, she declares that she will do something to herself again if Shiv leaves.

Jessica David

February 3, 2020


2 min


In tonight’s episode of Manmohini, Amar tricks Ananya into cutting her throat by walking across a wire that he had tied. When she bleeds a lot, Shiv turns into a vampire and sucks the blood from her throat. Amar hides behind a wall and watches this. He pretends to come and save her. When Mohini enters, she watches all this and questions Amar about his wrongdoing.

Ananya confronts Amar whether he planned the injury because he has bloodstains on his fingers. But Amar denies it. Then, Shiv backs his bags to leave the house. But, Ananya stops him by announcing that she will commit suicide. As soon as she jumps, Amar catches her in his arms. Shiv feels that Amar is the right guy for her and she should marry him.

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In the next episode, Shiv and Ananya have a heated argument about why did she attempt suicide. She threatens him that she will do something to herself again and nobody will be able to save her. But, Shiv mockingly tells her that Amar will take care of her. Will Shiv leave her go? Will Ananya attempt suicide again?

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