Mamakiki: 5 Reasons To Watch RJ Ramesh and Nalan Kumaraswamy’s Rom-Com Film


June 15, 2020


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Actor RJ Ramesh’s latest offering, Mamakiki is a ZEE5 Original film; helmed by 5 directors – G Radhakrishnan, Vadivel, Shree Karthick, Karthik Siva and Sameer Bharat Ram (the Producer). Mamakiki was slated for a theatrical release, but the makers decided to present it on a digital platform, and now it has finally hit the web. The film stars Nalan Kumaraswamy, Preetha Anandan, Maanas Chavali in the lead roles.

Watch the Trailer of Mamakiki Here:

Since we are all confined to our homes owing to the novel coronavirus pandemic, RJ Ramesh’s s film is sure to help you detach for a while from the lockdown. Watch this rom-com and bring out your college nostalgia.

Below are the reasons why we think Mamakiki must be included in your #Lockdown watchlist.

Engaging Story

From Preetha Anandan’s struggle to find a groom to Ramesh Thilak’s story about choosing to be a ‘writer’; the stories of each individual keep the drama engaging. Even the portrayal of Manas’ drug addiction and Dev’s funny experience from schooling days are worth watching in this film.


Mamakiki has many little moments of humour that is sure to make you laugh your guts out. RJ Ramesh, who has impeccable comic timing, will definitely lift your spirits with a few mildly humorous jibes. His one-liners are surely the highlights of the film. So, it won’t be wrong to say that the comedy scenes in the film hold the narrative and keep the viewers glued to their screens. So, are you ready for a laughter riot?

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Mamakiki is a story of four college friends, who meet after five long years at a reunion and share their experiences with each other. Like they had promised on the last day of their college to meet each other, the four of them gather at their old college building and reminisce about their school, college and married life.


RJ Ramesh gives a crunchy performance while Preetha, Manas and Dev did a decent job too. Amrutha Srinivasan (Rita miss) and Jayaditya Kang (who played Dev’s younger version), have given a brilliant performance as a teacher and a student. Amrutha and Jayaditya, who featured in the last story, not only made the film interesting with their performances but also struck a chord with the audiences.

Entertaining Watch

After a busy day at work, if you need some light film to relax, Mamakiki would be a perfect choice. RJ Ramesh’s rom-com drama is all decent and delightful story with a lot of humorous moments. So, if you want to have a good laugh, Mamakiki is the perfect watch for the weekend. The song album in the film is composed by Kalacharan. You don’t feel the need to fast forward the songs as they appear in the right places. Overall, the film, which is a middling feel-good comedy, is an easy and entertaining watch.

Mamakiki is now available exclusively on the online streaming platform ZEE5. Watch and let us know how did you like it in the comment section below. Stay tuned!

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