Malaika Arora Sets The Dance India Dance 7 Stage On Fire With Her Sizzling Moves, See Pics

Aayushi Sharma

July 26, 2019


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Malaika Arora Appears On Dance India Dance 7 As A Guest Judge This Weekend


Malaika Arora is all set to fill in for her best friend-actress Kareena Kapoor Khan this weekend on Dance India Dance 7. The Housefull star will turn up the heat alongside superstar rapper Badshah who will be seen promoting his latest single ‘Paaga.’ Check out exclusive pictures from the upcoming episodes of #BattleOfTheChampions along with others going viral on social media.

Malaika Arora Stuns In A Toni Maticevski Couture For Her Stint On Dance India Dance 7


Malaika Arora’s latest fashion outing is proof, black and white combination is always right. For her stint on Dance India Dance 7, she wore a Toni Maticevski B&W set paired with Sophia Webster heels. Styled by Tanya Ghavri, she rounded off the look with Azotiique statement ring. Mehak Oberoi styled the celebrity’s hair into a low messy bun but it was her ‘LOVE’ clip that stole our attention.

Malaika Arora Recreates Iconic Dil Se Song Chaiyya Chaiyya On Dance India Dance 7


Malaika Arora’s debut stint with Chaiya Chaiya, alongside Shah Rukh Khan on a train in Dil Se earned her the title of Bollywood’s Chaiyya Chaiyya girl. It was in 1998 that we first witnessed the magic of her sizzling moves and have been under her spell ever since. Thus, it was a no-brainer that everybody on the show insisted she shake a leg to the evergreen dance number. Catch a teaser of her performance in a video shared by the actress herself here:

Did You Know Malaika Arora Was Bleeding After The Shoot Of Chaiyya Chaiyya?


Revealing details about the shoot of Chaiyya Chaiyya, Malaika was quoted as saying by a leading news portal, “I fell several times while shooting for the song. I used to sway right and left due to the wind and to avoid that, the team tied a rope through my ghaghra to my waist and then to the train so that it would help me balance my body and sync it with the moving train. Unfortunately, when I removed the rope, I had cuts near my waist and it started bleeding, leaving everyone worried and paranoid.”

Malaika Arora Will Dance To Anarkali Disco Chali On Dance India Dance 7, 2019


The Munni Badnaam song star shall also shake a leg to her famous dance numbers including Anarkali Disco Chali from the movie Housefull 2. We cannot wait for her to take over the stage of Dance India Dance 7, can you?

Kings United India To Perform A Special Act With Malaika Arora On Dance India Dance 7


Kings United India aka The Kings are the first Indian group to win the World Hip-Hop Championship in 2015. The troop shall perform a special act alongside Malaika Arora on Dance India Dance 7 this weekend. Their moves on Chaiyya Chaiyya even left the OG stunned. Bosco Martis couldn’t help but give them a standing ovation! A glimpse for you here:

Badshah To Promote His Record-Breaking Single Paagal On Dance India Dance 7


It’s your boy Bad-Shah! The superstar rapper of the generation will be seen in attendance alongside Malaika Arora, Bosco Martis and Raftaar on #DanceKaJungistaan. What happens when two rappers come on the same stage together? Face-off or duet? Stay tuned to find out! For now, enjoy this sneak peek of Badshah’s performance on (Yeh Ladki) Paagal here:

What Are Badshah And Raftaar Celebrating On Dance India Dance 7?


In case you didn’t know, both Badshah and Raftaar are close friends. But what are these two rappers celebrating on the stage of Dance India Dance 7.

Fun And Entertainment In Abundance This Weekend On Dance India Dance 7


Lots of dancing, tons of fun and Badshah-Raftaar’s camaraderie with Malaika Arora’s spicy tadka – Dance India Dance 7 is set for some intense entertainment this weekend!

Karan Wahi Ensues A Laugh Riot With Badshah And Raftaar On Dance India Dance 7


From getting them to reveal their number of girlfriends to bathroom talks, Karan Wahi gets up close and personal with Badshah and Raftaar on Dance India Dance 7. But why did Badshah call Malaika Arora ‘paagal?’ Watch this clip to find out.

Badshah Gets Emotional After Watching A Performance On Dance India Dance 7


After watching one performance, in particular, Badshah said ‘he felt the pain’ of the act and the performer. Who is that contestant, can you guess? Scroll further to find out.

West Ke Singhams Star Akshay’s Dance Act Leaves Badshah Emotional


After watching Akshay’s performance on Dance India Dance 7, Badshah was left moist-eyed. Catch the teaser of the segment from the show here:

Akshay Packs A Powerful Punch This Weekend On Dance India Dance 7


Week after week, Akshay has delivered stunning performances and this weekend is no exception. Watch out for his special act with his mommy dearest.


Akshay Performs With His Mother On Dance India Dance 7, 2019


Not just Akshay but even his mother can pop! Stay tuned and watch their heartfelt performance this weekend.

Bosco Martis Susprises MD Hasan Raja On Dance India Dance 7


Bosco Martis Strikes A Pose On Dance India Dance 7 Sets


Bosco Martis‘ surprise sure left Hasan moved. But it is also his style statement on the show that has grabbed our eyeballs! Dapper innings, Boss.

Richika Of East Ke Tigers Dances Like There Is No Bone In Her Body


This little girl from Assam has time and again flaunted her flexibility and made us sit up and take notice of her performance. Are you rooting for her this weekend on Dance India Dance 7, 2019?

Will Richika Win Performance Of The Week On Dance India Dance 7?


Richika from East Ke Tigers may be younger than others but gives other contestants a tough competition. Will he deliver the performance of the week?

Will Malaika Arora Help Karan Wahi Win Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Heart?


Ever since the beginning of the show, we have seen host Karan Wahi try every trick in the book to win judge Kareena Kapoor Khan’s heart on Dance India Dance 7. Now that her best friend makes an appearance, Karan uses the opportunity to take tips from her, but she has a challenge for him. What is it, find out here:


Rapper Raftaar’s Swag Is On An All-Time High On #DanceKaJungistaan


There is something about Raftaar that just makes him synonymous with some serious swag. It’s not the fact that he is a rapper or an artist. Be it his funky fashion or catchy one-liners, we love this judge’s stint on Dance India Dance 7, 2019.

The Soul Queens Are Back! Catch Their Performance On Dance India Dance 2019


The Soul Queens from Sneha Kapoor’s South Ke Thalaivas are known to break the mold and debunk stereotypes with their performance. We cannot wait to watch what they have in store for us this weekend!

The Souls Queens Give A Scintillating Performance On Dance India Dance 7


The Soul Queens are here to slay the day! ‘Nuff said.

Will West Ke Singhams Face The Brunt Of Eliminations On Dance India Dance 7?


Will West Ke Singhams face the brunt of eliminations or escape the round safely, watch Dance India Dance 7 this weekend on Saturday-Sunday at 8 pm only on ZEE5.

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