Major World Powers Compete For COVID-19 Vaccine

Countries like America, China and Russia are in a race of pride to produce an efficient vaccine for Coronavirus

Raghav N

September 16, 2020

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Major world powers are running a race to produce an efficient and safe vaccine for the novel Coronavirus. This has now become a matter of pride for countries like China, Russia and the United States of America (USA).

China has four vaccine candidates that will hopefully hit the market by November. Of these, three have already been offered to essential workers. The Chinese Centre for Disease Control (CDC) announced that phase three of the clinical trials are proceeding well. The country’s state-run Sinopharm and Sinovac are working on three vaccines, while the fourth one by CanSino has already been approved for use by the Chinese military.

Meanwhile, America’s AstraZeneca immunization development hit a roadblock after some side effects were seen in some volunteers in Britain. While in Britain, the issues have been resolved and trials restarted, the US trials will resume only after a clearance from their Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In Russia, the Sputnik 5 is in civil circulation. The Russian state media revealed that 250 Moscow citizens were immunized and all of them remain in good health till now. While small batches are being shipped across the country to check supply chains, there is still concern about the efficacy of the injection due to its fast production.

Countries like South Korea plan to vaccinate only 60% of their population over fears of unfavourable efficiency of the vaccines.

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