Maharastracha Favourite Kon 2019 Winners’ List: Lalit Prabhakar, Shivani Surve Win Big

The films Khari Biscuit, Triple Seat and Hirkani made its presence felt at the ceremony!

Manjiri Shete

January 12, 2020


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One of the biggest Marathi award shows, Maharashtracha Favourite Kon 2019 took place in the presence of our favourite celebrities. The red carpet saw some of the best fashion moments as the actors left no stone unturned in getting ready for the ceremony. The excitement hit an all-time high as Manasi Naik and Shivani Surve spell-bound the audience with their performances. On the other hand, Pushkar Shrotri and Vaibhav Tatwawaadi keep the energy flowing with their hilarious skits which made the audience laugh their heart out. Amidst laughter and light-hearted moments, the awards for the deserving candidates were announced. The film Khari Biscuit dominated the awardee list, which was followed by the periodic drama Hirkani starring Sonalee Kulkarni. Coincidently, the Triple Seat actors Shivani Surve and Ankush Chaudhari won in their respective style icon category. To know more, check out the details below.

Watch an episode of Maharahstracha Favourite Kon 2019 below:

Maharashtracha Favourite Dirgdarshak: Sanjay Jadhav (Khari Biscuit)

Maharashtracha Favourite Chitrapat: Hirkani

Sonalee Kulkarni
Source: Instagram

Maharashtracha Favourite Abhineta: Lalit Prabhakar (Anandi Gopal)

Maharashtracha Favourite Abhinetri:  Sonalee Kulkarni (Hirkani)

Maharashtracha Favourite Sahayyak Abhineta:  Prasad Oak

Maharashtracha Favourite Sahayyak Abhinetri:  Mrunal Kulkarni

Mrinal Kulkarni
Source: Instagram

Maharashtracha Favourite Gayak:  Adarsh Shinde (Khari Biscuit)

Maharashtracha Favourite Gayika:  Ronkini Gupta (Khari Biscuit)

Maharashtracha Favourite Geet:  Amitraj (Khari Biscuit)

Lalit Prabhakar
Source: Instagram

Maharashtracha Favourite Popular Face: Shivani Surve

Maharashtracha Favourite Style Icon:  Ankush Chaudhari

Golden Diva Award:  Mrunal Thakur

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