Madras Meter Show Episode 5: Sembaruthi’s Akhila And Vanaja Showcase Their Off-Screen Bond

August 26, 2019


3 min

Your favourite host Vaidhya is back with a brand new episode of Madras Meter Show, a ZEE5 original show that aims at providing you with heaps of entertainment, entertainment and nothing else. It promises to be a show with a difference by discussing a variety of things with a dash of humour.

The fifth episode begins with the hashtagger segment, where Vaidhya talks about the Amazon Forest fire. He explains why the incident is not pleasant news for people across the globe. The forest is home to a wide variety of endangered species, and the thick canopy of trees provides almost 20 per cent of the oxygen that we humans need. Hence, he spoke about why we must be careful while handling environmental issues because global warming is for real.

Divya and Durgesh take over from Vaidhya to speak about the events that didn’t trend online but were significant enough. They talk about the milk price rise, littering at the Marina beach and the performance of the students in exams. Now, what they say about these issues, is something for you to see.

In the next segment, Star Yaaru, Vaidhya introduces the two main characters of Zee Tamil’s top show Sembaruthi – Akhilandeshwari and Vanaja. Priya Raman and Laxmi, who can’t see eye-to-eye on the screen, make a joint appearance on MMS to showcase their off-screen relationship. Priya says that she can write a book on Laxmi because she can’t be described in a sentence. She feels that Laxmi is a fun-loving person and keeps doing funny things to make people laugh while the latter says that she would like to pen a poem on Priya. Both Priya and Laxmi describe how people think they are the same as the characters they play on the screen. Both the stars have a hearty laugh with Vaidhya as he concludes the segment with the rapid-fire round.

RJ Vignesh, who presents the Yen Eduku segment, talks about the latest trend of having foreign breed dogs as pets. And he explains why it isn’t economically profitable for promoting native breeds.  RJ Shruthi’s Oru Two Minutes Iruka Segment follows Yen Eduku. Today, she reviews ZEE5’s Original series Fingertip. And we also have a review of the series for you. To check it out, click here.

Last but not least, Durgesh and Divya return with the Dhik Dhik Saidi segment. To have a hearty laugh, check out today’s episode right away and for more entertainment, watch Lisaa, a horror movie with a sensitive message, only on ZEE5.

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