Madhushree Iyer’s Take On Dreams And Dreamers Will Shoo Away Your Midweek Blues

Parinika Uchil

April 24, 2019

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Namma Anu from Jodi Hakki, recently said, “Dream higher than the sky, deeper than the ocean…Keep calm and dream on”. It is a known fact that a dream can represent a thousand things. As part of the conscious and subconscious mind, the interpretations of dreams can be varied depending on each individual.

Anu and Manja’s budding romance can we viewed here:

Every word from Anu’s quote is true because dreams help us set a goal for ourselves. You must have heard about the unique concept of SMART goals that many influential people follow. Since it is a surefire way to reach your desired target, let’s dig deeper to understand more.

1. S – Specific

Decide what you want to achieve and be very clear about it. Be it a promotion or getting a bigger house, you need to be absolutely specific in setting a goal for yourself.

2. M – Measurable

This is a very important step, which many of you might forget to do. Measuring what you want to obtain needs to be well defined. For example, if you talk about saving a certain amount, let’s say Rs 10,000. It is better that you have an amount in mind rather than saying, “I want to save a big amount of money”.

3. A – Attainable

It is very obvious that you can’t set a goal like wanting to own the moon or stars. If you set a goal that you can’t achieve, you may end up depressed as a result of failure. So set a goal that is attainable by you.

4. R – Relevant

When you set a goal, ensure that it is relevant to the direction your life is heading in. For example, if you are working in a bank and set a target to become an actor, there is sure to be a clash somewhere. To avoid this, always align your goals in the direction your career and life is headed towards. It will only become smoother for you.

5. Time-Bound

Without a time-bound target, many people often get distracted on their way to achieving it. What is amazing about setting a time-limit for yourself is that you are aware of when your celebration of success begins. So the more you work towards it, the faster you will achieve your target.

Like Madhushree, I too am going to start working to towards achieving my dreams, are you? Have you used this method to set some goals for yourself? The comments box below awaits your thoughts.

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