Maate Mantramu: 6 Scenes That Made Our Hearts Skip A Beat In The 15 July 2019 Episode

Sneha Bale

July 15, 2019


1 min

1. Suchitra's rejection

Vamsi and Vasundhara’s love story is finally on the right track. The preparations for their wedding are on track, too. But a little drama was definitely what we expected. However, we are surprised yet again as the scales of drama reach new heights. The latest episode was filled with moments that made our heart skip a beat.

We all know Vasundhara’s biggest support through the good and the bad times has been one person  – Suchitra Devi, Vamsi’s mother. He begged and pleaded Vasundhara to marry Vamsi  – now says Vasundhara isn’t worthy for a man like Vamsi. Does this break Vasundhara’s heart? Definitely, but also ours.

2. Kantamma's gesture

Soon after Vamsi’s Appu and Suchitra Devi leave Kantamma’s house, she dials up Aiyrendri and Nakshatra. After some pointless banter, she tells them according to her plan Jogendra was supposed to marry Vasundhara and make her the mother to his child. But the drunkard sexually exploited her instead of marrying before. This news comes as a sweet surprise to the evil mother-daughter.

3. Aiyrendri-Nakshatra's sugarcoating

Soon after hearing the bad news, Aiyendri and Nakshatra’s colours starts becoming more colourful and behaviour becomes sugary sweet. As soon as Vamsi enters the house, Nakshatra starts sweet-talking to him and appreciating his pair with Vasundhara. A little later, Aiyrendri joins the bandwagon too.

4. True colours

A little later, the Kakarla family gathers near the TV area. Kantamma is seen crying and cursing because Vasundhara’s life is now ruined by a man. She keeps repeating the same thing and even shows Vasu’s picture on her mobile phone. Aiyrendri and Nakshatra take this opportunity to provoke Vamsi and the others against marrying Vasundhara.

5. The challenge

Vamsi comes to know the whole reality because of the news broadcast. Suchitra keeps telling him to forget Vasundhara and that now she isn’t worthy of marrying him. Appu, too, tells Vamsi that she is good for a PA but not a wife. Vamsi rebels, for once for a good cause. He tells everyone that they cannot blame Vasundhara for a mistake that she did not make. He leaves the house and tells them that Vasundhara is his only wife.

6. The argument

Vamsi meets Vasundhara at her house and caresses her. Vasundhara begs him to return and never meet her again. But Vamsi promises that they are meant to be together and no one or nothing can break them apart. Vamsi tells Vasundhara that he is hers and she is his and only his.

We’re waiting to see the truth come out. Are you? Stay tuned for more updates. Watch Akka Chellellu on ZEE5.

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