Maate Mantramu: 5 Strong Reasons To Prove Murali Can Never Come Close To Being Vamsi

Sneha Bale

August 16, 2019


1 min

1. Solution and problem

In the Telugu TV show Maate Mantramu, we have been sensing a huge problem that has arrived in the form of ‘Murali’. Suddenly, this man wants to take over the Kakarla family, their business and even Vasundhara (played by Pallavi Ramisetty) while pretending to be Vamsi (played by Ali Reza). In the meantime, poor Vamsi is lying in the hospital in a state of coma. Our sixth sense tells us that everything has been Murali’s plan all along. Spread the word, Murali’s mission needs to be ABORTED! Here’s why!

We need no rewind. Because it all starts at the first meeting. Murali comes in front of Vamsi’s car because dying and escaping from his problems was the only thing on his mind. But Vamsi, who was already dealing with family and love issues, went ahead and helped him. Vamsi dragged Murali out of his self-created blackhole and showed him the better life ahead.

2. Pure and corrupt

Let’s not drag it too long. Vamsi’s heart is full of love and concern — for Vasundhara, for his family, for his workers and for random people. You can see the innocence and purity in his heart, in the little things that make him smile. Murali, right from his entry, has had twisted worldviews and corrupt ideas. Stealing phone, invading privacy, money heist, and now stealing Vamsi’s identity itself. No! Murali, go away!

3. Love and obsession

Vamsi’s relationship with Vasundhara started when he met her, they fought but cared for each other. Eventually, they confessed their love after a long phase of confusion and double-guessing. But Murali’s obsession for Vasundhara began the moment he looked at her. She knows nothing about his existence but he talks as if she is his wife. That’s disturbing, isn’t it?

4. Family and responsibility

Vamsi’s family holds their values and unity at a high pedestal. And so, Vamsi holds the Kakarla family extremely close to his heart. In fact, he finds himself incomplete without his big fat Indian family. But Murali, on the other hand, has a living sister and an ill mother. He looks at them, not like they are his world but as if they are an unnecessary and unsolicited responsibility.

5. Good looks

This point is self-explanatory. Who are we to argue or even compare a random Murali to the hot and handsome Vamsi Krishna Kakarla? Hands down, the winner is clear.

We have only scratched the surface. Let us know what your thoughts are about Murali wanting to be Vamsi. For more, check out the latest ZEE5 Telugu film Vishwamitra now.

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