Maate Mantramu 20 June 2019 Preview: Vamsi and Vasundhara Meet Each Other

Sneha Bale

June 20, 2019


3 min

It has been only a few days since Vamsi and Vasundhara (played by Ali Reza and Pallavi Ramisetty) were separated, in the Telugu TV show Maate Mantramu. Vamsi was weak and unconscious because of sleeping in the cold weather. Vasundhara was out in the woods searching for herbs to treat Vamsi. Nakshatra and Ayirendri (played by Tulasi Yerra and Ramya Raghav) take this opportunity to take Vamsi out of the cottage. They even leave a poisonous snake behind for Vasundhara. Just the way they wanted, Vasundhara was bitten by the snake.

This is what happens next in the episode:

In the preview, we see that Vamsi reaches the small hut where Vasundhara has been kept. The ved and the villagers who spotted her are standing there. Vamsi holds Vasundhara and looks at her in a caring and loving manner. Vasundhara, too, seems to be lost in his eyes. The popular Telugu song Nenu unnanni, neekemkaadani laces this moment with complete but subtle romance. Vasundhara tells Vamsi, now that she has seen him, she can die peacefully. But Vamsi affirms that he won’t let anything happen to her. And that he will himself take care of her.

Vasundhara in Maate Mantramu
Vasundhara in Maate Mantramu (Source: ZEE5)

This gesture overwhelms Vasundhara. Just sometime before Vamsi’s arrival, villagers were contemplating if taking her to the hospital would make any difference. The ved had announced that the snake’s poison has spread all over her body and has also reached her brain. They is no way that she can be saved.  Vamsi, who had overheard the conversation between Nakshatra and Ayirendri discussing Vasundhara’s death, decides to save her. And ultimately, it seems like he did what he was meant to do.

Is this all real? Has a new chapter for Vamsi and Vasundhara begun in the show? Or is it all only a beautiful dream? Stayed tuned to find out.

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