Looking To De-Stress? Try ‘Allari’ Therapy By Watching The Superfun Brother Of Bommali

Sneha Bale

September 10, 2019


1 min

The Allari Phenomenon


The times that we are living in are full of competition and hard work. But once in a while, you need to de-stress. Only then will you be able to work harder. And if you are still confused about which would be the best way to rejuvenate yourself, we suggest the ‘Allari’ therapy. Check out the phenomenonal actor, Allari Naresh, in his natural habitat (making your laugh your wits out) in the 2014 film, Brother of Bommali.

The Legend, Brahmanandam


What more would you want in a three-hour comedy therapy than the king of comedy, Brahmanandam himself? We’re sure the answer will be ‘nothing’.

The Unfiltered Sibling Reality


It doesn’t matter if you have a sister or a brother, as long as you have grown up with another child in the same house, we all share the same reality. You may have grown up crying, but here’s your chance to laugh out loud about the good ol’ days.

Role Reversals


It’s a high time! We have been seeing a macho man and a damsel in distress stories for a long, long time. But with this film, you are in for a treat. A boy who needs his sister as shield and a girl who uses her brother to bully — this is one film which is a treat and half.

Who’s Fooling Whom?


At one point, the life of the lead characters, Ramki and Lucky, is full of turmoil and gadbadgandolam. You might find yourself wondering who is fooling whom and with who? Fret not, my friend, the characters are wondering the same.

Unstoppable Dose Of Comedy


The film does not take more than 30 seconds (the credit rolls) to dive into its genre. So you better keep the cola and popcorn ready because this madness will not stop until you are relieved, relaxed and rejuvenated with all the Allary-therapy.

Need more laughter? Watch Nani and Swathi Reddy’s Ashta Chamma on ZEE5.

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