Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Hruta Durgule, Suyash Tilak Encourage Fans To Vote

Are you ready to vote? Because, #GrownUpsGoVote

Manjiri Shete

April 29, 2019


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Vote for the country. Vote for the state. Vote for yourself. Mumbaikars will step out to vote to for their candidate in Lok Sabha Elections 2019. This candidate will bring the change the people have dreamed of. Amongst us many, there would be some who would ask if,  “Will voting help improve the conditions of the city?” Yes, it will. Before you hesitate, think about this, you have given the privilege to raise your voice against all the inadequacies in your city. Keeping this in mind, even your favourite stars including Hruta Durgule, Khushboo Tawde and Suyash Tilak encouraged the people to go out and vote. Here’s what they said.

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Recently, the celebrities took Zee Yuva’s social media to spread a message about voting through the trending #GrownUpsGoVote campaign. We saw Phulpakhru’s Hruta Durgule loudly proclaim that she is going out to vote. The actress who plays Vaidehi’s character said if you are eligible for voting, then go do it.

Jumping on this bandwagon were the ladies of Aamhi Doghi, Khushboo Tawde and Prasiddhi Kishor, who urged people to step out of their homes and use their right to vote on this special Monday. Afterall it is your responsibility, that will change the course of history, so go do it successfully.

Our Baapmanus and Ek Ghar Manterlela star Suyash Tilak didn’t forget to remind us grown-ups about our duty. A duty that we quite often forget to fulfil. The actor who plays Kshitij’s character in Ek Ghar Matarlela motivated us to vote. Your choice will help the nation solve its important issues of unemployment and lack of education facilities. Your right to vote doesn’t discriminate with your caste and gender. So, why are you so hesitant in stepping out?

So, have you already voted? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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