Lockdown Diaries: 10-Year-Old Avi Sharma From Indore Rewrites The Ramayana

Jessica David

June 5, 2020

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On Friday (June 5), in Indore, Madhya Pradesh (MP), a 10-year-old boy has rewritten the holy book of Ramayana. Avi Sharma has named his Ramayana as Bal-Mukhi Ramayana. This version of the ancient scriptures, written by Avi Sharma, is entirely in Hindi as it is his mother tongue and it will be easy for everyone to understand. The Bal-Mukhi Ramayana has a total of 250 chans. Avi Sharma shared, “The Ramayana TV serial has inspired me a lot. One day, I woke up and felt that Saraswati Maa has given me the first chan of the Ramayana.”

On the length of the Bal-Mukhi Ramayana, Avi said that, nowadays, people are in a hurry and they don’t have the time to understand the full lengthy Ramayana. He said, “I have written this short Ramayana so that people can understand it in lesser time.” Avi Sharma was inspired by the TV show Ramayana and decided to rewrite the ancient Indian epic as a shorter version.

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