Little Known Facts About Robin Hood That Will Make You Revisit His Story On ZEE5!

Did you know the character of Robin Hood was inspired by real outlaws in England in 1100? Watch this animated film on ZEE5 with your kids in Hindi.

Kenneth Carneiro

April 15, 2020


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Robin Hood is a folk hero who who became a popular character in children books and films. During this #Lockdown, you can introduce your child to the story of Robin Hood, the outlaw who used to steal from the rich and give to the poor. With the animated movie from 1973 available in Hindi for free, the story of Robin Hood can be a great learning lesson for your kids and it’s #NonStopBachFUN for you as well.

Watch the film Robin Hood here.

While the story this hero medieval England is more accessible, here are five facts about Robin Hood that will make you want to revisit his story too.

1. Robin Hood was based on real people

While people are still not sure if there was ever a man who had the same name as Robin Hood, they are certain that his character was inspired by the outlaws and rebels of that era.

2. The story of Robin Hood became popular two centuries later

Robin Hood is said to have lived in the 1100’s. However, the first mention of him in literature appears in a poem in 1381. What is interesting to know is that this was also the time of the peasant revolt and feudalism losing its power in England.

3. Robin Hood was the protector of the oppressed

Everyone knows that Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor. However, he also protected the poor, middle class, and women in society while making sure that men in the higher classes paid for their crimes.

4. Robin Hood’s grave is still visible to this day

Robin Hood was being treated at Kirklees Priory in Yorkshire when he used his final ounce of strength to shoot an arrow to mark the spot where he wanted to be buried. However, this is another mystery because Robin Hood was buried in a spot where other people had already been buried.

5. Robin Hood has an airport named after him

The man who is said to have lived centuries ago has an airport named after him. The Doncaster and Sheffield Airport is named after Robin Hood because his original home is said to have been in those areas.

You can also watch the sequels of Robin Hood with Robin Hood: King’s Return and Robin Hood Forever Enemies, also in Hindi on ZEE5.

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