Lisaa Review: Anjali’s Horror Drama Will Make You Look At Things From A New Perspective

August 3, 2019


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Has a horror film ever emotionally startled you? Have you ever felt a heaviness after watching a supernatural thriller? If not, then watch Lisaa, a horror movie with a difference. Yes, Lisaa has an unusual plot for a horror movie. It will make you reevaluate the kind of relationship you share with the elders in the family. And to know how and why, watch Lisaa, directed by debutant filmmaker Raju Viswanath.

Anjali essays the titular role in the film that highlights her relationship with her widow mother. She is a doting daughter to her mother, and hence she wants her to remarry and start life anew. Lisaa has plans to go to the US, and before going abroad, she wants to get her mother married to a man she knows. And to seek her grandparents’ approval for her mother’s remarriage, she heads to the western ghats, where they stay in a private bungalow away from the city limits. Lisaa takes her friend, Jaggu, along with her to her grandparents’ house to convince them to accept her mother’s second marriage. But her hopes shatter after reaching the bungalow where the senior-citizens stay. Will they forgive their daughter (Lisaa’s mother) for abandoning them 21 years ago? To know what happens, watch Lisaa on ZEE5.

Coming to the performances, Makaranad Deshpande has done a fabulous job. His performance elevates the mood of the scenes, and so does Sam Jones, who plays Jaggu. Anjali as Lisa is impressive while Saleema’s intriguing looks will send shivers down your spine.

The horror element gets woven into the narrative in a subtle yet spooky way.   The filmmaker has done an excellent job by making viewers intrigued because you keep wondering who the ghost is and what its intentions are.
But most importantly, the film tries to communicate a very important but a sensitive message. The film’s technical support system has been pitch-perfect. The cinematography enhances the experience of watching the movie while the soundscore gives you the adrenaline rush. You feel eerie while watching the film, and this experience proves its a well-made horror film in terms of the presentation.

Lisaa also has veteran actor and Padmashree awardee Brahmanandam making a cameo appearance as Jaggu’s father. His scenes with Surekha Vani give the much-needed comic relief in the middle of the spookiness.

So without wasting much time, watch Lisaa streaming on ZEE5 right away!

Watch Lisaa on ZEE5, to understand what it wishes to convey. And if you like watching horror TV shows, watch Yaaradi Nee Mohini here.

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