Like Ek Ghar Mantarlela, 13 Haunted Places In India, You Shouldn’t Visit Alone!

Ashutosh Oak

October 23, 2019


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1. Rajesh Khanna's Bungalow In Mumbai

Situated on Carter Road, Mumbai, this house has a story associated mostly with celebrities. Late superstar, Rajesh Khanna who bought the house didn’t know that the house was cursed. Rajesh Khanna split up with his wife Dimple, 10 years after their marriage. Not only the family but the superstar’s career was also affected by this. The time he lived in the house, he remained ill and lonely.

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2. Juhu Pawan Hans Quarters In Mumbai

It said that people who live around have seen the spirit of a girl running into the Peepal tree. Nobody knows where it comes from but it said to be the spirit of a 20-year-old girl , who set herself on fire. As a precaution residents have built a Hanuman Temple in the area to keep the spirit away.

3. Taj Mahal Hotel In Mumbai

One of the most talked about hotels in India, the hotel is known for its haunted stories. WA Chambers, the architect of the hotel had committed suicide. The architect after creating the blueprints went to England. When he returned, he was shocked to see that the hotel was built in the opposite direction. He committed suicide by jumping off the five floor. It is said that the ghost of Chamber can be noticed walking in the old wing of the hotel.

4. Grand Paradi Towers In Mumbai

Often the most famous places has a spine chilling back story. One such place is the Grand Paradi Towers located at the Malabar Hills in Mumbai. This place is infamous for the number of people who have attempted suicide from the building. The building was built in the 1970s though many flats are still vacant due to its infamous story. Till date abut 20 people have committed suicide and some of them, within the same family.

5. Brij Raj Bhavan In Kota

Known to be the home to Major Burton’s spirit who was killed by the Indian Sepoy in 1857. Brij Raj Bhavan Palace, an old palace built in the early 19th century which has now been converted into a heritage hotel. It’s known to be one of the haunted places in India. It is said that the presence of the spirit has been sensed in corridors and also slaps the guards who sleep on duty.

6. Charleville Mansion In Shimla

A century-old deserted castle named Charleville Mansion was built in the British Era. Later in 1913, it was rented by the British officer Victor Bayley and his wife. The house was known to be the house of a poltergeist. When the officer came to know about this fact he decided to lock the room.

7. Savoy Hotel In Mussoorie

Savoy Hotel in Mussoorie is known as a haunted hotel as the ghost of Lady Garnet Orme was murdered by adding strychnine in her medicine. A few years later, the doctor was found dead in a similar way. Even today, it is considered as one of the most haunted hotels in India.

8. Shaniwarwada In Pune

According to the history, Prince Narayan who was the rightful heir of the throne of Peshwa dynasty was murdered. The locals claim that hear voices of the 13-year-old prince calling his uncle for help from the fort.

9. The Mansion On Residency Club Road In Pune

Yet another place from Pune near Residency Club. People who visit this place claim to see a shadowy figure of an old lady looking out of the window and screaming for help.

10. Fern Hill Hotel In Ooty

Often used for shooting location in the Bollywood movies, Ooty is known as the perfect destination for a vacation. But what if we tell you that your hotel might just have a ghost like this? Raaz was shot here. One night Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan and her crew woke up hearing the noise of rearrangement of furniture on the first floor. But the next morning they were horrified to know through the receptionist that there was no first floor to the hotel.

11. Writers Building In Kolkata

The building was built for the writers who worked for the East India Company. Residents claim that they have heard footsteps and voices of Late Captain Simpson who worked with the British East India Company. His presence is felt post sunset.

12. Raj Kiran Hotel In Lonavala

Guests who stayed on the ground floor have reported their bed sheets have been pulled off while they were asleep. It is also said that people had to undergo therapy after staying in the room.

13. Ghost Hotel In Goa

Though Goa is known to be the party detestation of the country, a hotel here is known for paranormal activities. The Ghost Hotel has reported many ghost sightings as space is surrounded by jungle and has a spooky touch to it.

Which of the place did you find the most horrifying? Let us know in the comments section below.

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