Bharathi Hegde Is The Only Fitness Inspiration You Need This World Yoga Day 2019

Parinika Uchil

June 20, 2019

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Although she plays the character of Chitra on Yaare Nee Mohini, Bharathi Hegde is all about doing Yoga in her free time. This is because she knows the advantages of practising it regularly. Despite having a hectic schedule as an actor, she has maintained herself so well, all thanks to the fine art of yoga.

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It is a practice that has been carried down from ancient times and is known for its spiritual, physical and mental health benefits. Basically, nothing about the form of yoga is harmful to us humans in any way. On the contrary, it is a complete package to balance the peace of the mind and the body.

These seven advantages of practising yoga will surely motivate you to join Bharati in her quest for achieving a peaceful body and soul.

1. Posture and spine

Practising yoga helps you in correcting your posture as it is a muscle relaxant. It helps straighten out your spine too that is tensed due to compressed nerves.

2. Fuel for your muscles

Yoga is the perfect way to help you gain strength in your muscles. All the muscles that are used while practising yoga, end up staying firmer and more toned.

3. Flexibility

The best way to gain more flexibility like Bharati is through yoga. By relaxing the stressed muscles, it is easier to stretch farther and gain victory over those stubborn parts in your body.

4. Blood flow

Like flexibility, when achieving a relaxed body state through yoga, there is a good blood-circulation and boosted levels of haemoglobin. Eventually, this will reduce the risk of heart attacks.

5. Relaxation

When we are free of any tension or stress, the body automatically becomes more open to positive feelings like happiness and inner peace. Yoga compliments positive emotions and helps you stay energised yet be relaxed.

6. Focus and balance

You will be glad to know that yoga causes better focus because of the amount of concentration required to do it properly. Not to forget it helps us with our balance as well.

7. Awareness

The most important thing we need to know about yoga is that it causes awareness. In a relaxed stage, it is easier to stay sharp attention to our internal and external surroundings.

For all yoga lovers like Bharati Hedge, keep up the good work! For all of you who haven’t practised yoga yet, either get yourself enrolled or learn online.

Remember that yoga can never be a wrong decision, to anyone, ever! Do you like yoga? How has it helped you in the past? Share your thoughts and comments in the box below with #ILoveYoga #YogaForLife #BharatiHegde

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