Celebrate Friendship Day With Jothe Jotheyali’s Anu And Ramya’s Special Bond

On Friendship Day we ought to celebrate true friendship from your favourite show Jothe Jotheyali.


July 30, 2020


2 min


Today, on Friendship Day we celebrate the purest friendship that exists in the show Jothe Jotheyali. Anu and Ramya, portrayed as best friends since childhood, have also been neighbours for as long as they can remember. What really makes this friendship special is Anu’s unconditional support for Anu at all times. From the initial days of college, Anu has always come across as someone who is always in her own world. She is also quiet, with Ramya as her only confidant.

Ramya, on the other hand, is Anu’s best friend and the bearer of all her secrets. Things turn around for Anu when she decides to join Arya’s company but ends up falling in love with him. She is unable to share the same news with her parents due to the considerable amount of age gap between them. However, it is Ramya who tells her that age does not matter in this case if what they have is love. Ramya also encourages her to take things forward and confess her feelings to him.

Anu and Ramya talk about Arya
Anu and Ramya talk about Arya

Even during the 24-hour challenge between Anu and Arya, Ramya tries and makes arrangements to help Anu and Arya meet. However, Anu refuses to seek any help and leaves it to fate to make them meet. Apart from this, Ramya does not judge Anu for having feelings for a man that is considerably older than her. Instead, she tells her that as there is an age gap, they might end up having different views which, at any cost, mustn’t stop them from becoming one.

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