Inspired By Tula Pahate Re’s Myra, Let Your Eyes Do The Talking With These Makeup Looks

We didn’t think we needed Tula Pahate Re actress’ beauty techniques… until now.

Manjiri Shete

March 16, 2019


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We believe in having our winged eyeliner sharper than an arrow.  The one person who seems to nod her head in vamp on approval is Myra from Tula Pahate Re on ZEE5. Every evening, Abhidnya Bhave who plays the vamp on the show gives us makeup goals. We love her blue eye-liner which has the power to kill the #MondayBlues like a boss.

If you are just as mesmerised by her makeup as us, then, here are three ways you can incorporate teal colour into your everyday makeup.

Check out her blue eye-liner on Tula Pahate Re below:

1. Electric colours

electric colours eye makeup
Source: Instagram

If you are bored of your black liner, you should enter the realm of electric colours as they are runway’s hot trend approved by the fashion magicians. You can use a glitter liner and a bright eye shadow. It’s your playground, have fun with it.

2. Dual combinations

dual colour eyeliners
Source: Instagram

You can just stick to the eyeliner (and ditch the eyeshadow) by playing with two colours. This trend can be worn at the office as isn’t as loud as the previous one. If you are feeling your creative nerve, try an ombre by blending colours.

3. Metallic hues

Metallic colour eye makeup
Source: Instagram

Of course, no eyeliner is complete without adding a dash of metallic and merging two colours. This is a perfect party look on those party dresses that are dying to be worn.

Which eyeliner style are you going to opt for next? Try something new and post pictures in the comments below!

If you are a fan of Abhidnya Bhave, watch her talk about her favourite hobby – only on ZEE5.

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