Lebanon’s Wealthy Families Flock To Faqra Club To Seek Respite From The Pandemic

The rich families of Lebanon are holidaying at the mountain top luxurious club to get away from the depression due to the Pandemic

Raghav N

July 30, 2020

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Lebanon is dealing with its worst economic crisis in decades with the COVID19 pandemic leaving almost half the country in a state of poverty. Amidst this calamity, the rich have however found their escape in the mountains.

The Faqra Club, with a motto of ‘Life On Top,’ is an oasis of luxury for the wealthy families of the west Asian country. The mountain top resort, equipped with a horse stable, 9D movie theatre and tennis court is attracting massive crowds from the capital city of Beirut. The families are found lounging around the pools and sipping on cocktails. The guests say this is the best way to enjoy life in the current situation, as living in the city is depressing.

The Faqra Club has also generated opportunities for brisk business with many restaurants and stores opening Faqra branches to survive the economic blow of the pandemic.

Ms. Liliane Rahme, owner of Faqra Club, believes the the resort is not just benefiting the rich. She said it is an economic lifeline for almost 200 employees, mostly young students.

Meanwhile, officials at Beirut continue to express their concerns over the pandemic, with 132 fresh infections detected in the last 24 hours.

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