Lalbazaar: Watch The Latest Trailer For This Original Thriller Series Coming Soon On ZEE5


May 22, 2020


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As we eagerly wait for the ZEE5 Original Series Lalbazaar, the latest crime series to launch on the ZEE5 platform on June 19, a new trailer for the show has just dropped. Highly charged, it gives us more of a taste of what we can expect. Based on the officers working in the homicide department of the police headquarters in Lalbazaar, Kolkata, Lalbazaar is a bold exploration of the lives of everyone involved or in proximity of the heinous crimes committed within this jurisdiction.

Check out the motion poster for this show:

The new trailer, almost two minutes long, is detailed, introduces us to the main characters that we will see in the series, and gives us a deep insight into the nature of the criminal cases that the plot revolves around. Watch it right here:

It takes off quite dramatically, with the words ‘The City Of Joy’ (which Kolkata is fondly known as), starkly transforming into ‘The City Of Crime’. Indeed, Lalbazaar delves straight into what the plot is all about, giving us a strong idea of what is to come. Featuring actors like Kaushik Sen, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Gaurav Chakrabarty, and Sauraseni MaitraLalbazaar is directed by Sayantan Ghosal (who has also given us the hit detective film Satyanweshi Byomkesh), so perhaps it is no surprise that this crime series promises to be just as intriguing, fast-paced, and racy.

Source: ZEE5

The trailer plunges unapologetically into the plethora of brutal cases that the Lalbazaar police officers deal with on the daily. Gory murders committed in cold blood will make you question the motives behind them. One case trickles into another, creating a web of crimes that need to be investigated in tandem with each other. Packed with action, we get a grimly detailed account of what has transpired, through the eyes of the officers as well as the people involved.

Source: ZEE5

A visceral examination of the world of crime, Lalbazaar makes no bones about showing us the extent of dark violence and brutality that the human psyche is capable of harbouring. It does not romanticise nor soften the blow at any point whatsoever, so be prepared to go right into the heart of this world, along with the rest of the characters.

Source: ZEE5

We are assured of excellent and strong performances by Kaushik, Gaurav, Sabyasachi and Hrishitaa Bhatt, who portray their roles with deep sensitivity and nuance. This, among all the other exciting elements, gives us much to look forward to.

Are you gearing up to watch Lalbazaar? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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