Lagnachi Wife Weddingchi Bayko Spoiler : Kajol Wants Her Mangalsutra Back

Ankita Tiwari

January 15, 2020


2 min

In the recent episodes of Lagnachi Wife Wedding Chi Bayko, we saw how Madan is trying to manage both his family and Kajol, whereas Maria is getting on his nerves with her tantrums. Maria has planned a camping honeymoon with Madan, but all his friends end up joining in the trip, with their wives. This angers Maria and she starts shouting. Everyone in the vehicle including Kajol, gets scared of her high-pitched voice. Madan tries to calm her down by explaining, that he cannot hurt his friends. Everyone settles down and has dinner. Post dinner, Madan tries to make Kajol sleep early, so he can move over to Maria’s tent.

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Mithun figures this out and starts yelling at the top of his voice. He threatens Madan to step out, or he would enter the princess’s tent. But Madan stealthily escapes from the second door, and saves himself. The next morning they all gather around the lake and decide to leave for the temple.

In the promo we can see that Madan has given Maria the mangalsutra and Kajol is worried that she won’t get it back. She sends Madan to fetch it from maria and he tries to take it away while Maria is asleep, but someone stops him as he reaches the door. Will Maria let him give the Mangalsutra back to Kajol or Will Madan have to reveal the truth? Stay Tuned to watch if Lagnachi Wife wins or the winner is Wedding chi Bayko.

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