Lagnachi Wife Weddingchi Bayko: Maria Ready To Marry Madan? Watch Promo

Rukmini Chopra

November 13, 2019


2 min

Currently on Zee Marathi’s Lagnachi Wife Weddingchi Bayko, Madan has brought Maria to India. She is trying to get acquainted with Indian culture and Madan is trying to strike a balance between her and his own wife Kajol. But the latter is having a hard time accepting Maria as her guest, given her fondness for Madan and the fact that she is always looking for a chance to get close to him. Things are about to get further twisted, as suggested by the latest promo. Maria is about to shock everyone by revealing that she wishes to marry Madan! 

Watch the latest episode from the show here.

In the upcoming episode, we will see a family function taking place. One of the guests attending will be a friend of Madan’s, who can understand English. He will be called to translate Maria’s speech so that the villagers can understand what she’s saying. Maria will begin her speech and will thank everyone for making her feel like a part of their home. She will then say that now that is well-versed with Indian culture, she will be willing to wed Madan! Watch here.

Uh oh! What will Madan do now? Stay tuned for all the updates here! Catch all the episodes of Lagnachi Wife Weddingchi Bayko, streaming for free on ZEE5 here. 

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