Ladachi Me Lek Ga Promo: Will Kasturi Be Caught In A Crossfire With Mummy?

On Kasturi’s first day at the hospital, she receives an order from Mummy to refer to Sourabh’s father as Bhai. How does she react? Read on to find out!

Kedar Koli

September 16, 2020


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Ladachi Me Lek Ga is a show starring Mitali Mayekar, Aroh Welankar, and Smita Tambe which is a perfect blend of romance and drama. The love story began a few days ago on Zee Marathi and is already grabbing attention of viewers. It won’t be a surprise if it climbs the top of the popularity charts as the show progresses. For all those who don’t know what the show is all about, allow us to enlighten you. The show is based on Kasturi’s (Mitali Mayekar) life who gets trapped in a crossfire with Mummy (Smita Tambe). Will Kasturi win over Mummy with her love or will she succumb to her hatred? Keep watching the show to find out!

Check out the latest episode of the show here.

The first episode introduced us to the characters Kasturi, Sourabh, and Mummy who will be taking the show forward. We saw that Kasturi is about to join a hospital where Dr Sourabh is working at. The two meet for the first time in a rather unusual scenario. Kasturi falls for Sourabh (literally) and twists her ankle after colliding with him. Sourabh fixes her injury in an instant and Kasturi’s feels her heart fly! Kasturi’s first day at the hospital is going well until Mummy arrives. She’s here to check on her husband Bhai who’s been in a coma for the past 15 years.

Meanwhile, Kasturi somehow ends up in Bhai’s room and sees him in a critical state. She decides to put her learning to the test by calming the ailing patient. However, things go downhill when Bhai’s health starts deteriorating. Mummy catches Kasturi in the same room as Bhai and confronts her over Bhai’s grave condition. Thankfully, Bhai’s life is saved and his condition gets stable eventually. Kasturi then confesses how she landed up in Bhai’s room while searching for Sourabh.

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In the latest promo, we see her telling Mummy that she just held Bhai’s hands to calm him down. She acknowledges him as Baba which infuriates Mummy. The latter tells her that everyone refers to him as Bhai and orders Kasturi to follow suit. Mummy asks Kasturi to do so from that moment onwards instead of waiting until tomorrow. How will Kasturi react to this?

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